The Battle Within: Father, Your Will Be Done vs. Let Me Do It My Way

Your will be done, Father, on this earth and in my life today. Church, please stop and think about all of the implications that come when praying that prayer. This is third petition in the Lord’s prayer. Each petition is building on the previous petition. Each petition is focusing more intensely on the heart of man. Whose will is naturally carried out in my kingdom? My will. My obedience to my will generally has a self-serving root because I see the reward of what my heart is actively pursuing and I want that reward to be realized. I have a tendency to reign as king in my kingdom for my own rewards. This means that I want to do things my way and not God’s way. And you and I know that doing things my way leads to earthly rewards that are short lived and very dull in life satisfaction. So, after praying the second petition, Your Kingdom come Father, the next obvious petition would be, please King Jesus rule and reign on Your throne in my heart while I lovingly submit to Your Kingship and Your will be done not mine.


Father, Your Kingdom Come – A Prayer That Stops Riots

Father! Your Kingdom Come on earth as it is in heaven! Yes, this is a prayer about the return of Christ, but that is not the only point of this great petition. This prayer can be realized today! This is the good news of the gospel. The Father’s Kingdom can be experienced in our hearts and the hearts of others today. This prayer can create absolute change today in all areas of our life. This prayer is not just about the second return of Christ, but it is also about asking our Father in heaven to reign now in our hearts. This petition is about asking the Father to reign in the hearts of men and women, our children, our family, our neighbors. Your Kingdom come Father. We are asking the Father to extend His Kingdom into the hearts of every person, city, tribe, and nation. We are asking the Father to extend His Kingdom on earth into the hearts of His human creation where He reigns as King.


Praying for God to do what He really delights in doing – Hallowed be His Name!

Hey Church: Have you used the word “hallowed” recently? “Hallowed” is one of those ancient words that has for the most part dropped from our modern vocabulary and really has not been replaced with any other word like it. “Hallowed” means to make holy or to set apart as holy. Have you ever set apart something in your life as holy? For example, when I set apart my mouth as holy, I am saying, “please God Hallow yourself in every word that comes out of my mouth and from my heart.” What I am doing is telling my Father in heaven that I desire that everything that will come out of my mouth is to show Him off and to make Him look beautiful. The first petition of the Lord’s Prayer we ask God to let the hallowing of Himself be manifest in every area of our life for His Glory.


I, Me, My, Mine – What is Missing from the Lord’s Prayer

Hey there Church Family:
When Jesus teaches us to pray by giving us the Lord’s Prayer there becomes some very clear elements of the prayer that are glaringly obvious. Jesus teaches His disciples and us to pray by immediately beginning with a pronoun that is to direct our heart during prayer. The pronoun that He begins with is also the only pronoun used throughout the entire prayer, “OUR”. “Our” is not an insignificant pronoun. The entire prayer is written in first-person plural. There is not one single occurrence of a singular pronoun in the entire prayer besides the pronoun “your” referring to God. Jesus is making a huge point here at the beginning and throughout the prayer. Jesus challenges any individualism that we may have in prayer.


Delighting, Expectant Prayer with The Father

Hello Church Family: When you think about prayer do you think about it as some abstract practice that Christians are just supposed to do? And then one day you think, “I need to get better at praying, how can I get better at praying?” And then you come up with certain techniques on how to have a better prayer life. OK, stop, let me be clear… that is not what this summer series on prayer is about – just getting better techniques for praying. Techniques will always let you down. Do you remember in Isaiah 29:13, when the Lord said: “Because this people draw near with their mouth and honor me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me…” Prayer is not to be some abstract thing that “we do” as Christians but a heart engaging with our Heavenly Father.


How to be Rewarded Daily by the Creator of the Universe

Church family: Every generation since Jesus Christ has been taught how to pray by Jesus through His model prayer. That is such an amazing thought to me. That means that if I could take a time capsule back to any period of time in the last two thousand years, in whatever time period I would end up, the believers would have the same model of prayer that we would together be engaging the Father in prayer.

Have you ever asked Jesus to teach you to pray? If you ask Jesus to teach you to pray we know what His answer would be, The Lord’s Prayer. The Lord’s prayer can be found in Mathew 6 or in Luke 11 where you will find the shorter version. Whenever we learn something new in our lives, part of that teaching is learning what not to do. For example, when bagging groceries we are told not to put bread or vegetables under the jar of pickles or under the gallon of milk, right? Things don’t turn out so great when you get home if you do that. When Jesus teaches His disciples, and us, to pray, He starts out, “When you pray do not be like the hypocrites!” (Matthew 6:5)