Rest in knowing that – You have been measured by God!

Happy rainy day to you Church: As you read through God’s Word you generally find Scriptures that are easy to understand. But, there are a few that are not that easy. Revelation 11, is full of these hard-to-understand scriptures. Revelation 11, is generally the subject of more interpretive mysteries and disagreements than any other chapter in Revelation. Yet, there are so many joyful promises to be claimed from this chapter. Let’s tackle one of these promises.
The temple of God throughout scripture points to the meeting place between God and man. The Old Testament temple is where God’s shekinah glory was manifest, it is where God was clearly seen. Specifically, the temple of God is where His glory is visible, His holiness is visible, and where His infinite value is seen (shekinah).


Eating the Sweet and Sour Gospel Victoriously!

Church Family:
When evil is everywhere and the world is ripe for judgment, can God protect his own?
When economies crash, when civil order falters and the social fabric frays, when restraint and respect give way to invasive aggression and random violence, when greed and animal appetite reign supreme: Can God keep Jesus’ little flock safe as they stand seemingly defenseless in the crossfire?


Are you willing to sin to get it?

Hello Church Family: If someone were to come up to you today and ask you the question, “ What idol do you worship?” You would most likely laugh at them and then dismiss them as strange and offensive. In our 2021 American culture we don’t usually think of people worshiping idols in our neighborhoods. But, when we go back through Scripture we see that the most frequently discussed problem throughout history was idolatry. Are we as followers of Christ today, in 2021, to be concerned about idolatry in our personal lives? Absolutely! Idol worship remains to be the favorite religion in this world and in Hampstead. As believers we can frequently allow an idol to displace our worship of the One Triune God of the Bible.


Trumpet Judgments graciously declare – REPENT!

Hello Church Family: Regret is easy and comes at us pretty fast. Shame will jump on us in a flash. We will carry remorse around for days, weeks, moths and even years. But, repentance is rare and difficult.
Repentance tends to be a fleeting thought that we can reason away into a forgotten fog of justification. And yet, our Holy God requires repentance for our entrance into His heavenly Kingdom. Repentance and faith are two sides of the same coin and God calls us to both. Simply stated, no repentance means no admittance into God’s heavenly kingdom. And that is the reason for the continued partial judgments in Revelation. The partial judgments of the Seal Judgments and now the Trumpet Judgments are God’s way of saying, REPENT, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!


What will you do in a spiritual awakening during a pandemic?

Church Family: If you are like myself, we generally like things that bring pleasure, health and safety. This is our natural human bent and we tend to make decisions based upon pleasure, health and safety. However, as believers we are called to make decisions differently. On this earth we are to make decisions first and foremost that show our love for the Lord our God and then our love for our neighbor (Mathew 22:37-40).


God chooses to complete His final judgment as a result of our prayers

Church Family: God hears our prayers. He hears every one of our prayers. He keeps all of our prayers and the prayers of every one of His followers that has ever been prayed from the beginning. In fact, we see that when the seventh seal is opened in Revelation 8:1-5, the final seal that brings about the end of history, the prayers of all the saints are exactly what ushers in the end of the world with the final great judgment.