How Grace Community Church of Topsail is responding to COVID-19
By way of preface, we recognize that the most cautious and safest course is to stay home. There is simply no way to reconvene as a church without an increased risk of exposure. For those the CDC has identified as at-risk populations, the elders encourage you to abide by their recommendations and stay home, along with any of you who are uniquely concerned or impacted by the virus. The services will continue to be made available online.
We believe that being a local church in Hampstead means both responsibly keeping our members safe inasmuch as it is in our power to do so, yet also continuing to do everything possible to meet our community’s spiritual needs. As such, all decisions regarding the physical gathering of God’s people at GCT are prayerfully made by agreement of all the elders, and oftentimes with the consultation of additional experts in the medical field.
As you consider joining us for in-person worship, please follow these guidelines:
    • If you have any allergy, cold, or flu-like symptoms or have a temperature, please join us for worship online at our YouTube channel
    • If you are considered at-risk, please stay home and abide by CDC recommendations.
    • If you have had COVID-19 or any illness, please wait to join us for in-person worship until after day 14, and only if you have no active symptoms.
    • Please sit together as a family unit for worship.
    • Please use discretion in sitting next to people, perhaps asking if they are comfortable with you sitting next to them. Consider leaving a two-seat space between parties.
    • Please be considerate of people’s personal space, keeping in mind the CDC’s social distancing recommendations.

With an abundance of caution, we have in-person worship each week while following the protocols below:

    • Our facilities are sanitized before and after each use.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available at each entrance to the worship area.
    • Masks are optional, available, and are suggested for the vulnerable.
    • We have provided an additional “overflow” classroom for any persons needing special accomodations or needing a separate area to worship. The services are live-streamed through the room’s TV.