Do you rejoice in what YOU DO or who YOU ARE?

Hey Church Family:
Do you rejoice in what YOU DO or who YOU ARE? Followers of Christ, your name is already written in heaven! In Luke 10:17, the 72 disciples come back from an amazing time of being used by god to declare that King Jesus has come. They announced in many villages and towns that The King is near and He is coming to their town. They announced that the Son of God put on flesh and came to earth to be the last sacrifice for sins and final redemption for those who believe. This Announcement affects everyone-always-everywhere. Everyone must respond to this announcement, either by faith and repentance or by denial and rejection.
And what happened in these villages? Some rejected the Gospel. They rejected the King Jesus. And many were rescued from sin and shame and condemnation and even demon possession. Entire villages were changed. Marriages and families were redeemed. The most vulnerable people soon had their greatest needs met. Culture was changed by The King. Demons obeyed these 72 disciples and they fled and the disciples were filled with joy (Luke 10:17).
The 72 disciples came back to Jesus rejoicing in these great works but where did their joy rest? Where was their joy rooted? Their joy was rooted in what they were doing. The disciples were not even focused upon the wonderful people that were rescued from the demons. They were focused on what seemed to be their own power over the demons. Their energy of rejoicing was coming from their own accomplishments. Jesus did not like the sound of their rejoicing (Luke 10:20). Jesus wanted their rejoicing to be centered and motivated by something outside of themselves. Jesus is not trying to be a killjoy but He is showing these disciples what should bring greater joy to His people.
Jesus says, hey disciples I want you to rejoice in something much greater. I want all of your rejoicing and joy to be energized by the fact that your name is written in heaven. “Written in heaven” most likely refers to being written in the Book of Life before the creation of the world (Revelation 17:8). Jesus says, I want you to rejoice in this wonderful truth – I have rescued you! Your name is already written down in the Book of Life in heaven. Your name was written in the Book of Life before the creation of the World and way before you did anything in My name. This is so important, Jesus wants the disciples to know that it was His free choice of grace to add believers into that Book of Life. Jesus, says, you were added, not by your works but by My grace. Church, let us not rejoice today in what we do but what we are! Our names are already written in the Book of Life! Let our energy for rejoicing and joy come from God’s free electing grace for our names to be written in the Book of Life. Jesus also rejoiced, in the Holy Spirit, about this magnificent truth (Luke 10:21).
Once again, I hope to see you this Sunday morning in worship via our website or through our YouTube Channel Grace Community Church Topsail.
Luke 10:20 “Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”
Prayerfully, Steve

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