Eating the Sweet and Sour Gospel Victoriously!

Church Family:
When evil is everywhere and the world is ripe for judgment, can God protect his own?
When economies crash, when civil order falters and the social fabric frays, when restraint and respect give way to invasive aggression and random violence, when greed and animal appetite reign supreme: Can God keep Jesus’ little flock safe as they stand seemingly defenseless in the crossfire?
Yes! The answer is a loud and resounding, YES! The risen Lord Jesus Christ is sovereign over every man and molecule in existence! This is made abundantly clear on every page of God’s Word, the Bible. Let me just use one page where we find Colossians 1:15-20, to remind us of seven encouragements that will only happen in Christ:
1- By Jesus ALL things were created in heaven and on earth.
2- By Jesus ALL dominions, rulers and authorities were created.
3- By Jesus ALL things were created through Him and for Him.
4- In Jesus ALL things hold together.
5- Jesus is the head of the Church.
6- In EVERYTHING Jesus is to be preeminent (famous, excellent, leading).
7- EVERYTHING in heaven and on earth will be reconciled (settled, resolved) in Christ.
Truths like these are to be sweet as honey to our soul. Actually, God’s Word is to be sweeter than honey to our soul (Psalm 19). The Word of God has been given to us to create a sweetness that makes us always want more. Just like your favorite sweet food that you cannot put down and you always keep eating more and more and more. You put it down and want more. You cannot get it off your tastebud memory. God has made His Word to be sweet to us that we always want more. Are you hungry for the sweetness of His Word? Have your spiritual tastebuds been dulled by the taste of the things of the world?
In Revelation 10:10, Jesus shows John, in an apocalyptic vision of things to come, how to be more than conquerors in a world gone mad. While the nations rage and will rage more and Satan seeks to destroy, God protects us through tribulation and equips us for battle through the sweetness of His Gospel Word! Jesus tells John and us, His church, you must “eat the scroll.” The scroll represents God’s plans and purposes as written in His Word. Church, take and spiritually consume the scroll, God’s Word, in your spirit, your soul, your mind, your strength. Digest God’s Word in your innermost being and let it bring the sweetness of joy and delight so that you will be more than conquerors in a world raging.
Jesus also tells John and us that there is a bitterness (sourness) that accompanies the sweetness of consuming the scroll, God’s Word. As we take in the sweetness of the Gospel, as we digest the sweetness of God’s Word, His plans and purpose, God shows us that we will endure harsh persecution. That truth can create some bitterness in our spirit. Satan, the world and the forces of spiritual darkness will be throwing all they can at us before we enter into the delight of eternal fellowship and joy with Christ in heaven. The Gospel is bittersweet but God wins and we win! I can taste more sweet than sour. I hope that you can as well.
Another source of bitterness in God’s Word as we digest God’s plans and purposes, is the truth that God’s judgment will fall upon all of those unbelievers who do not repent of the works of their hands nor give up their idols Revelation 9:20-21). We should never boast in these bitter truths. Instead, we should let these bitter truths create compassion and empathy for unbelievers and the desire to give them the sweetness of the Gospel.
Church, eat God’s Word, spiritually digest God’s plans and purposes in His Word. This is the sword that we are given by God to win the battle. This is how we are to be victorious in tribulation. This is how we are not deceived by the world as it controls media and floods us with propaganda. This is how we are more than conquerors while evil is running rampant, civil order fails and social order frays.
Revelation 10:10-11 And I took the little scroll from the hand of the angel and ate it. It was sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it my stomach was made bitter. And I was told, “You must again prophesy about many peoples and nations and languages and kings.”
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I look forward to worshipping the Lion and the Lamb, Jesus Christ, with you Sunday. – Steve

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