How to respond to those who are throwing hate your way

Hey GCT:  Do you have your own personal, individual enemy?  I am not talking about enemies of the USA.  I am talking about a specific person whom you are at odds with.  An enemy is usually someone who you are at enmity with.  There is hostility in the relationship and many times even hatred.  There is a quarrelsome and contentious spirit where neither person wants to be around the other and there is a quickness to take offense to most anything that is spoken or accomplished.  Do you have an enemy?  How did this person become your enemy?  How does the world tell us to respond to our enemy?  The world says return evil with evil and return good with good.  How does Jesus tell us to respond to our enemies?  Jesus says, give evil all the good you can possibly give even to the point of sacrificially loving that enemy who throws at you unending evil.  Jesus says, love your enemies.
This is one of the most difficult commands that Jesus calls us to as His followers and disciples.  Jesus’ reason for us loving our enemies is founded in the Gospel.  The Gospel is about enemies reconciling.  The Bible tells us that while we were still enemies of God, He reconciled, resolved, reunited us by the death of Jesus” (Romans 5:6-11).  Jesus looked at us as we were His enemy and loved us sacrificially.  He had such enemy love for us that He gave up His life for us.  Jesus calls us to this level of love that we are to have for our enemies.  Please, stop and consider what that looks like between you and your enemy.  Jesus continues and gives us some specific commands to love our enemy (Luke 6:27-36) and yes these are commands:
               1) Do good things to those who hate you.
               2) Bless those who curse you.  Use your mouth to love and not curse back.  Speak well of them.
               3) Pray for those who abuse you.  Praying commits their welfare to God who knows all things and sees all things.
What good are you doing to those who are hating you?
What loving words have you spoken to those who are cursing you?
What prayers are you praying for this person who is abusive towards you?
Let’s be like Jesus and love our enemies.  I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday, Steve

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