Let’s try this again… Take 2!

Dear Loving, Wonderful, Awesome Church Family, Thank you for your patience and bearing with me as I am recovering from this concussion. I never knew a concussion would be like this.  We were hopeful recovery would be faster than this but it is dragging on. I saw a neurologist today who said some brains heal more slowly.  I have always been on the slow brain spectrum, lol. It seems my Meniere’s disease may be slowing my progress as it has caused persistent vertigo and mental struggle in conversations. Basically, conversations wear me out and cause worsened headaches. I am also highly sensitive to noise and light. I am told all this will go away in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you for praying for me… and Stacey. This week I am going to do my best to pick back up where we left off in Luke 6, where Jesus tells His disciples and us to love our enemies!  Each person in our life that we are at odds with is only to receive love from us… that is difficult!  Personally, I immediately think of the lady scrolling through her latest social media posts on her phone while driving 55 mph who nailed us from behind as we sat in our car at the stoplight on Hwy. 17.  I am commanded to have love for her personally.  That is difficult.  (Btw, That does not mean she should not be prosecuted by the law for her carelessness, Romans 13.)
Jesus gives us this very difficult command as His followers and disciples.  Jesus’ reason for us loving our enemies is founded in the Gospel.  The Gospel is about enemies reconciling.  Jesus looked at us as we were His enemy and loved us sacrificially.  He had such enemy love for us that He gave up His life for us.  Jesus calls us to this level of love that we are to have for our enemies.  Jesus gives us some specific commands to love our enemy (Luke 6:27-36) and yes these are commands:
1) Do good things to those who hate you.
2) Bless those who curse you.  Use your mouth to love and not curse back.  Speak well of them.
3) Pray for those who abuse you.
Praying commits their welfare to God who knows all things and see all things. Church, returning good for good is simply human but returning good for evil is only from the LORD! I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday!  I have missed being with you in fellowship and conversation.  You are such a blessing to me and my family.  Please give me grace as I am sure I will struggle with conversations and noise level and may come across as rude or short. You know this in not my intention.
Love in Christ, Steve

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