Moving Forward in the Lord’s Provision – (our last Sunday at LST)

Good Morning GCT:  Last Sunday night we as a church came together for a time of concerted prayer concerning salvations, physical healings and for us as a body of Christ moving forward in 2019.  Since that time of prayer there have been several reports of great recovery of several who have been sick and in great pain.  Also, the Lord has given opportunities for conversation and relationship building with those in our lives that we love and desire for our Lord to give faith and salvation.  Finally, there has been a response from Allen Wooten for us to move forward occupying the 210 building.  So, let us pause and thank the Lord for Him being our loving Heavenly Father who loves to hear our prayers and loves for us to trust Him as He directs us down a path of faith that calls us to trust, trust, trust!  The foundation of this agreement with Allen Wooten is faith and trust in the Lord.  There are still many unknowns as to what the impact of the NCDOT will be and how that will impact the final purchasing contract.  

It has been providential for the adults to be studying Exodus in Wednesday night discipleship during this time.  Exodus has been a great reminder of what God calls His people to do each and every day.  He calls us to trust Him, move forward, trust Him, move forward some more, trust Him, and move forward.  In Exodus 14:15, God speaks some convicting words to Moses as God leads Moses to lead HIs people.  That verse says, “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward.”  Basically, God is saying, I hear your cries of prayer, I have been hearing those cries for a long time, and look I have provided an answer to those prayers, so move forward in trust, go, I got this!  I am the Lord your God!
GCT, we are moving forward with the great, amazing provision that the Lord has given us today and trusting Him for the perfect provision that HE has promised for tomorrow!  That brings much glory to God and He has promised to honor that trust.  This Sunday, January 13, will be our last Sunday at the LST building on Sloop Point Loop Road.  Sunday, January 20, we will worshipping at our new GCT building at 180 NC Highway 210 in Hampstead at 10am.  All discipleship groups will also start meeting for Wednesday night discipleship at the 210 building starting this next Wednesday, January 16, at their regular times.
Trusting God and Moving forward, Steve

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