Our God listens – understands – acts – rescues

Hello Church Family:   We worship the One true God who listens to us in our time of greatest need and in times of not so great need.  Basically, our God hears us, He listens to us, He leans into us as we call out to Him.  He hears our cries.  Our God who listens also understands.  He understands the entire situation.  There are no surprises to our God.  And since our God listens and understands He also acts.  As believers, followers, lovers of the One true God, He has promised to listen, understand and to act on our behalf and for our good always in every situation no matter what.  That is a promise from God Himself.  Even when we are in life’s struggles when, as the Psalmist says, he feels like “the snares of death encompassed me; the pains of Sheol laid hold on me; I suffered distress and anguish” (Psalm 116:3).  Have you ever felt that way?
  God wants us to completely understand that no matter the hardship and no matter how hopeless life seems at the moment, He is our Hope.  He is gracious in His hearing all of our needs and in His responding to us as we call out to Him.  Know this Church, as you cry out to God He listens, understands, and acts for your good so you can always Hope.  The Psalmist in Psalm 116, is so excited to tell us in His song of worship that the energetic, living, active, life-changing, pulsating power of God’s grace is always greater than all of our sin.  His grace is always greater than our shame and failures.  His grace is more than enough to sustain you and satisfy you. If you are weak, ask God for His powerful grace.  If you are discouraged and hopeless, ask for His encouraging grace.  If you are physically weak, ask for His empowering grace.  If you are in the grasp of a powerful addiction, ask for His grace that is much more powerful to break that grip.  God listens to you, understands, acts and rescues! Church, this Sunday we are going to take a short break from Luke and be reminded of how our loving God is a God who listens, understands, acts and RESCUES us as His children.  That is who He is and we rest in that assurance.  We will be encouraged by the Psalmists worship and excitement towards our God who hears and rescues. Psalm 116:1 I love the Lord, because he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy. I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday as many will be worshiping at Family Camp. – Steve

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