Pastor’s Pen

“…He looked with favor upon me, to take away my disgrace among men. (1:25)”

Last week we began our journey through Luke’s Gospel of “exact truth (1:4)” of the good news of Jesus Christ so that “we may know with certainty (1:4)” that God has sent us a Savior, the promised Messiah. Luke begins the story of Jesus with John the Baptist. This great story of Zechariah and Elizabeth is one that brings great encouragement to my heart. This is a great story of God’s purposes being worked out of Zechariah and Elizabeth’s sufferings. They were both going through great persecution as priests in a highly secularized Israel who had not heard a single prophecy from God for over 400 years. They were also going through the disgrace as a Hebrew couple who could not have children.


What Shapes You?

You know when God gave us the first two commandments of the Ten Commandments He assumed that we will all be worshiping something.  We all ascribe ultimate value to something.  When we ascribe ultimate value to something we are worshiping that something.  We tend to live for it.  When we do not get it we get fearful or angry, depressed, anxious, etc.  If we do get that thing we have ascribed ultimate value to we are happy and our life is worth something.  That is when worship happens.  What have you ascribed ultimate value?


Is there a way to worship in vain? Is there worship that means nothing to God?

“Vain.” What a scary word, especially when it comes from Jesus Christ. Vain means worthless, useless, producing no results. As we continue to look at “what this thing is that we call church” we have arrived at what exactly it is that we are called to do? Our Lord has called us as His covenant people to WORSHIP. Worship is our response to our Lord, always. God gives us clear guidance in Scripture on how He wants to be worshipped. Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way.