The Supreme Authority of Jesus is for Your Everyday Life

Hey GCT:  Think with me for a little bit about the word AUTHORITY.  What thoughts and emotions well up in your minds and hearts?  Scripture tells us that Jesus is our authority.  Matthew 28:18 says, “All Authority has been given to Jesus in heaven and on earth.”  That means that Jesus has the right to tell us what to do and what not to do.  Jesus’ words “possess authority” (Luke 4:32).  The word used here for authority really is communicating “supernatural power.”  The words that come out of Jesus’ mouth possess supernatural power over the heavens and the earth which is supreme authority.  Jesus has authority over the entire spiritual realm and the entire physical realm.  That means that Jesus has complete authority over every situation in our lives.  He speaks and demons scatter.  He speaks and diseases are healed.  He speaks and the weather changes.  He speaks and the blind receive sight.  He speaks and people bow in worship in repentance.  Every Word of Jesus is supremely powerful!  Are you accessing the super natural power and authority of Jesus Christ?  It is available to you every second of every day.

Without authority in this world there would be absolute anarchy and chaos, right?  We see evidences of this everyday.  We see the effects of nations and people trying to live outside the authority of Jesus Christ every day and we sigh and call them names and shun them and speak all kinds of evil against them.  When people do not yield to authority horrible things happen.  Horrible things like death, destruction and meaninglessness.

Do we do the same thing in our individual lives?  When we live our lives not yielding to the authority of Jesus the same things happen in our individual lives.  When we stop seeking the authority of Jesus Christ in His Word, death, destruction and meaninglessness creep into our lives and relationships.  When we fail to acknowledge Jesus as the One in authority over us we are choosing to live under our own authority.  When we treat His Word with such absence in our lives as if it has no authority then our words become authoritative.  This is not where Jesus has intended us to be as His children. The great news is this, Jesus knew that we would self-destruct without the authority of Him and His Word.  The authority of Jesus Christ is a wonderful gift and blessing.  Jesus, the incarnate Word of God, gave us supernatural words to live by and to submit to as our ultimate authority.  Authority is a great blessing!  Can you imagine the mess we would be in as parents and spouses without the authority of Jesus telling us how to live in these relationships?  For authority to be worth anything, it must come from the One who has the supreme authority over the heavens and the earth, Jesus Christ.  His authority will bring great blessing into your life.  His authority will bring peace, honor and favor. This Sunday we are going to enjoy the authoritative words of Jesus in Capernaum (Luke 4).  Jesus spoke with supernatural authority in Capernaum with great healings and deliverances from evil spirits.  Lives were changed by the authoritative word of Jesus Christ.  Jesus continues to speak with supernatural authority through His Word.  The same power that each person witnessed in Capernaum we can also witness in our everyday lives.   Lives continue to be changed by the supernatural, authoritative words of Jesus Christ. Enjoy the Word of God and its authoritative power!  I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday – Steve

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