Twelve year old Jesus-Scolded by His Mother-WWJD

Hey GCT:  We have arrived at the post-nativity stories of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel.  The first twelve years of Jesus’ life are summed up in Luke 2:40 “…the child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom. And the favor of God was upon Him.”  We see in the verses following (2:41-52) the only story of Jesus during his first three decades of living.  This is the only glimpse we have of Jesus until He turned thirty years old.   These are important truths to show us who the twelve year old Jesus knew He was to be.  The young Jesus knew who He was.  He was not struggling with who He was.  This is such an important transition Scripture that prepares us for the Jesus that is coming next that we learn in the rest of the Luke’s Gospel.  The feel good baby Jesus is about to be replaced by the Jesus that demands to be Lord as an adult.  We see here that at twelve years old Jesus is perfectly at peace with who He was, the Son of God.

Jesus the divine Son of God sat at the feet of Israel’s finest teachers and was reprimanded by his earthly mother, Mary, who told him basically to get over here and get back in the caravan, we are going home!  What a picture of humility!  What did the Son of God do?  With great humility and a beautiful submissive spirit he submitted Himself and learned and then went home with his earthly mom and dad where he lived for the next eighteen years.  Can you imagine the daily decision to submit as the Son of God in all areas of HIs family, workplace, community and synagogue?  Jesus daily humbly submitted to the earthly authorities that His Heavenly Father had put in His life.  Dwell on that.  Where have you been called to submit that is difficult to continue in that submission?  Has bitterness and grumbling resulted?

Just as Christ humbled Himself in spirit led submission He calls us to do the same.  A submissive inner spirit is the key to experiencing spiritual growth becoming like Christ. Ephesians 5:21 submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ. I look forward to looking into this story of twelve year old Jesus more deeply this Sunday. In Christ, Steve

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