We are the Household of God

Hey GCT:  Have you thought recently about being a steward and a servant in the Household of God?  You and me are part of a local church called GCT that God looks down as His household.  What an amazing thought and metaphor for how God views his local church.  Think of what God’s household would be like.  But first put aside any thoughts that deal with the structure or the building.  That is not what God is trying to convey to us.  He is wanting you to understand that HIs household is made of people and relationships – sweet relationships, there is comfort in His household because there is an unconditional acceptance grace and forgiveness.  There is security, provision, power, boldness, excitement, purpose, hope and love in God’s household.  God’s household is made up of loving stewards and servants that love one another and care for one another as the Father of the household cares for us.

GCT Household of God, listen carefully, we are the household of God whether we move into the 210 building or meet in the woods in the Holly Shelter Game Land.  So, as we move forward this week into our new place of meeting as the Household of God let us do so with the understanding that we are what makes the Household of God not the physical structure.   Let us also move forward into this wonderful building, which is a great provision of our Heavenly Father, with joy and delight in His perfect provision.
This Sunday the 210 building will be full of God’s Household and should be a place that is an amazing sensory experience!  Why?  Because the Household of God has moved into this place!  The joy and hope of believers will be preeminent.  There will be an experience of heavenly fellowship from every brother and sister in Christ.  We will delight in the prayerful interaction with the Father of our Household, our Heavenly Father.  We will enjoy and cherish the Spirit of God as He interacts with each on of us intimately.  There will be an exuberance of praises unto the Lord.  There will be the continual flow of the Word of God spoken, read and taught.  All of this is can be summed up by what Paul declares is the purpose of the Household fo God – “through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 3:10).
This Sunday we are taking a break from the Gospel of Luke, as we move into the 210 building, to discuss how great it is to be part of the HOUSEHOLD OF GOD displaying the MANIFOLD WISDOM OF GOD.
I really look forward to meeting together this Sunday at 10am as the Household of God. – Steve
Don’t forget we meet at 10am at our new location.  180 Hwy 210, Hampstead.
Also, please continue to pray as the Household of God for Luke Roberts and Fred Long who are both still in the hospital.

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